Custom designs and personalized products

My work is mostly stylized florals, fractal generation/manipulations, gradients and pattern design. I dabble with anime and vector graphics.  My store is quite colorful and eclectic – with lots of PURPLE!

A secondary passion for me is creating fashion and home sets for retailers on Polyvore.  If you are looking for a creative outlet, I highly recommend it! I feature my products on Polyvore as well and encourage others to use them in their sets.

I would love if you stopped by
my blog where I feature my Zazzle collections, fashion sets from Polyvore, and discuss trending fashion and showcase outfits and  products from handpicked Zazzle designers.

If you would like to see one of my paintings, fractal works, or graphic designs on a product, please let me know.  Also, if you see a design that you would like me to personalize for you - I'd love to help.

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I've been drawing and painting for decades and have several art galleries floating around on the Web, but my favorites are Fine Art America and Deviant Art
What inspires me is nature (butterflies and flowers can take my breath away) but I have a strong tendency towards order and can become quite immersed in the process of creating patterns.  The simple designs that draw your eye, and the patterns that make your stare for no apparent reason are what fascinate me.  I want people to buy something with my design on it and feel good about it. Something they will be proud of and want to show their friends. Even the simplest design can become a treasure.