Custom designs and personalized products

In the "Customize" interface, after selecting the area you wish to design in the panel on the right, click on "Add Image" (1) or "Add Text" (2) to bring up those options.  Make sure you have selected the "Advanced Tools" checkbox on the upper right (3).  Click on "Done" when you are finished.

One of the features that makes Zazzle special is their robust design editor.  I've included some basic information below to assist.  Just let me know if you need help with a particular item or just assistance in general - I'm always happy to help. 

Images can be selected from your Google Drive or Instagram accounts or uploaded from your computer (Click on "Upload" or use drag and drop)

how to customize on zazzle

Don't forget to check out the "About This Product" section below the image to get important information like the dimensions and materials used.

The text and image editor will appear below the image when a text or image is selected in the panel on the right.

There are a lot of options in the customize interface, and it can take a bit of practice.  If you need any assistance please contact me and I'll help you any way I can.

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

The "Customize" section allows you to change or add your own image and text, change the background colors and make adjustments to the existing design.  Give it a try!

Some products allow you to simply change the text and you're done.  Other product customizations (changing the background color, rearranging the images, etc) require a click on the "Customize" button.

Association with zazzle

I've had associations with other companies but Zazzle is the best one by far.  The product makers are chosen carefully and the products themselves are excellent.  I've been a Zazzle designer and associate since 2011.

Click on any of the product images on my website or go to the  Karlajkitty Storefront  to search by category.

Karlajkitty Designs are pretty diverse and colorful.  I'll try to design just about anything.  Please contact me if you would like one of my designs on a particular product - or even if you need assistance in customizing your own product.

Make sure you are on the correct area (i.e. front, back, background before you add your image or text.

Any existing images and/or text will appear in a panel to the right of the product image.